Photo , 2024 Younique- Lugano - Switzerland 🇨🇭
Photo , 2024 Younique- Lugano - Switzerland 🇨🇭

Federico Pinto Schmid, known as DiPinto, is a contemporary artist born on May 6, 1988, in Orbetello. His artistic practice reflects the influence of abstract expressionism and cubism, with a fluid and timeless brushstroke that bridges his artistic productions.

His recent works focus on fluidity, demarcation, and variable chromatic compositions, featuring vivid colors and a noticeable density of strokes.

The series "Netti" and "Materia" express his love for color: "Materia" offers an open and richly possibility-filled experience, while "Netti" communicates a sense of mobility and evolution through its geometric composition.

DiPinto's artworks have received international recognition and have been exhibited and collected worldwide, adding prestige to prominent collections and residences.